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  • The first person to get a social security card? His name was John David Sweeney. #RooseveltsPBS
  • @Maggyw519 @EricBoehlert I ask again: what is PBO's plan? Trustees report show SS Depletion in 2035 and Medicaid 2030
  • You are correct! @BlaineBershad @DeanTCarlson @RATM4 @jettramel @juan_luis37 @Toncuz I said Johnson, but it was FDR!
  • For the record, I defy any living being to deny Social Security is bleeding red ink after review of trustee summary.
  • FRAUD ADVISORY: Beware of identity thieves seeking to redirect your social security benefits.
  • RT @AmericanDS: One of the community's goals should be to have some presentations of #dystonia listed under the Social Security...
  • Social Security: Estimate your retirement benefits or use Quick Calculator
  • Happy birthday to @CarrieBellatrix! Here's a link that will come in handy as you turn 30!
  • @DWStweets @TheDemocrats Who were you supporting in 1957? 1968 WELL..?
  • still down. Leik if u crie everi tim
  • @agentlinton ah this is probably it
  • RT @IRAGuru4EdSlott: #SocialSecurity mailing statements again. Every 5 years before 60. Every year after.
  • RT @GetGilletteLaw: Report on Veterans and Social Security Disability Benefits @NOSSCRNews @NAMICommunicate @afspnat…
  • Likewise, if it wasn't for the Democrats, there would be NO Social Security.
  • A reminder as we head towards November. If it wasn't for Democrats there would be no Medicare.
  • The Social Security Administration is (somewhat) resuming mailing statements (which they're statutorily required to)
  • Baby names increasing in popularity: favs from this list: Kamdyn, Enoch, Oakley and Stetson
  • coolpage
  • "#SocialSecurity Benefits - Every year benefits increase 8% to age 70 for a total +32% increase" See #SSA site:
  • RT @damianpaletta: Social Security IG says disability program's fraud rate is more than agency lets on. How much higher? They won't say. ht…