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  • Hi! Can I transfer miles from my mileage plus account to an account of a family member? @united
  • @united in one year, from Mileage Plus Premiere to wanting to never fly UA again. Bad customer service. #TheyJustDontCare #noMoreFromMe
  • @united Why on flights like mine to London with tons of economy plus seats open do you not bump up mileage plus members? Wasteful.
  • @_austrian I hav used my mileage plus air miles 2 book trip to dubai via austrian. No confirmation 4m austrian
  • @united why am I being charged for my bags if I'm a mileage plus card member? I thought that was one of singing up for the card
  • @united do you get mileage plus miles on the aer lingus transatlantic flights from Dublin and Shannon??
  • @bluuuuuuuuuurgh United mileage plus
  • @united @BrettGajda we have been so messed over with @united. After speaking with several reps, we got a little somewhere with mileage plus
  • How to contact the person in charge of Mileage Plus: I recently had contacted 1K voice with some suggestions t...
  • After almost 12 years of marriage, have successfully changed my mileage plus name to my legal name! Let the miles begin! #smallvictories
  • @Chase calling the mileage plus service center and 0 to request agent. Line goes silent for 5 minutes. How can I get in touch with someone?
  • @united whatever happened to priority boarding with the Mileage Plus CC? Bought tix with it and am in Group 4 & 5. What's the deal?
  • @united The service is provided by your partner Copa Airlines. The award ticket is bought through United mileage plus web page.
  • @daveccarr I just use my mileage plus number.. But I'm important
  • Hey @united, how far back can I claim miles for the mileage plus program?
  • @united if I have precheck with my Mileage I have a known traveler number?
  • @united can you check from my mileage plus number uk538083?
  • @united us there a reason why the Windows Phone app doesn't show accurate info in regards to mileage plus accounts?
  • @united thx for the response. My wife are Mileage Plus biz customers & this is too common fr: EWR. May have to switch to a different carrier
  • @united eventually got through mileage plus. Total wait time across calls: ~2hrs. Any chance you can confirm my waitlisted upgrade?