mikhail gorbachev


On Dec. 25, 1991, he ended his farewell speech by saying, "I wish everyone all the best"

Trivia about mikhail gorbachev

  • Shortly after he received the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize, his country ceased to exist
  • 1985-1991
  • In 1991 this Soviet leader won the Martin Luther King, Jr. Non-Violent Peace Prize
  • In 1991, just 5 days after he resigned as party leader, Communist rule in the Soviet Union ended
  • This man was the last president of his country(Soviet Union)
  • Newsweek called him "The Politburo's answer to the Great Communicator"
  • He was Soviet president at the time the Berlin Wall came down
  • World leader seen here:(birthmark on top of bald head)
  • This Soviet leader was Time's Man of the Year for 1987 & of the Decade in 1989
  • (Jimmy of the clue Crew presents from the Ronald Reagan Library.) On June 12, 1987, in Berlin, Ronald Reagan demanded of this man, "Tear down this wall."
  • Spy magazine gave out the rub-on decal seen here to make you look like this man:
  • The last president of the Soviet Union, he was nearly overthrown in a 1991 coup attempted by his Communist rivals
  • On July 22, 1987 this Soviet leader agreed to a U.S. proposal to ban medium- & short-range nuclear weapons
  • This former world leader used the royalties from his Pizza Hut commercial to fund his foundation
  • This 1990 Nobel Peace Prize winner was born near Stavropol & in 1970 became that city's Communist party secretary
  • This guy who taught the world about glasnost, or openness, led the Soviet Union from 1985 to 1991
  • In the 1991 coup, this Soviet pres. was held under house arrest in Foros, not far from the Uchan-Su waterfall
  • The "This Day in History" feature on history.com taught me Dec. 25 is the day in 1991 when he quit as Soviet leader
  • (Alex: Ah, here's Sofia at the United Nations) In an historic address here in 1988, this man vowed to reduce Soviet military troops & to improve human rights in his country
  • The last leader of the USSR, he resigned his post on Dec. 25, 1991

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