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Trivia about mike wallace

  • He won Emmys in 1971, 1972 & 1973 for his correspondent chores on "60 Minutes"
  • He interviewed tobacco industry whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand on "60 Minutes"
  • One of the senior journalists on U.S. television, he's been the leading host of "60 Minutes" since 1968
  • An aggressive "60 Minutes" interviewer, back in the 1950s he hosted "Guess Again" & "The Big Surprise"
  • It'd take more than "60 Minutes" to honor this anchor/alum, also a character in "The Insider"
  • Nefarious CEOs hide under their desks when this "60 Minutes" anchor comes knocking on their doors
  • He hosted several game shows, including "Who Pays?" & "Guess Again", long before "60 Minutes"
  • His 1950s shows "Guess Again", "The Big Surprise" & "Who Pays?" were 30, not 60 minutes
  • Half a century ago, this "60 Minutes" icon was starring on Broadway in the 1954 comedy "Reclining Figure"
  • Christopher Plummer has won wide acclaim for his performance in this role seen here:"Delivery device for nicotine. Put it in your mouth, light it up, and you're gonna' get your face...."
  • He's now a correspondant emeritus for "60 Minutes"; his memoir "Close Encounters" came out in 1984