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Hey Hey, this Mike was a TV Monkee in 1966

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  • RT @ThatEricAlper: "If you love music, you can play music." - Mike Nesmith
  • 今日のおめざ。 Mike Nesmith - I Looked Away:
  • RT @AClockworkFlor: Mike Nesmith.
  • Mike Nesmith.
  • RT @frickrhodes: 😥😔😪😢😥😰😔 😰 Mike Nesmith😪 😪😰😥😢😂😪😔
  • 😥😔😪😢😥😰😔 😰 Mike Nesmith😪 😪😰😥😢😂😪😔
  • how dare you @ '66 version of mike nesmith
  • Sorry, Lady. Mike Nesmith beat you to this toque headwear thing. #AMAs
  • mike nesmith looks so good here
  • RIO...Mike Nesmith @2stubbornlymine There's wings to the thought behind fancy 😊
  • @TheMickyDolenz1 Just saw the best by far Monkees episode. Peter and the Devil. Mike Nesmith's poignant speech at the end clinches it!!
  • "If you love music, you can play music." - Mike Nesmith
  • The Human Sadness stew to my ears is like a headcheese of Grandaddy and Weezer and Mars Volta and Slash and Mike Nesmith and dumb Fun singer
  • @jillsobule Mike Nesmith!
  • @rachmillermusic @gailsimone The one with Frank Zappa and Mike Nesmith trading roles was on earlier today.
  • RT @soulpnks: i ❤️ mike nesmith
  • i ❤️ mike nesmith
  • ive decided that i only like boys if they're mike nesmith
  • Of the members of Blur the only name I'm not certain of is the drummer, so in my mind he is Mike Nesmith.
  • Mike Nesmith's mom invited white out #funfact #themonkees
  • I also like how Mike Nesmith is in the promo video
  • ok im done tweeting about stupid boys i wqnt all boys to burn in hell except mike nesmith
  • mike nesmith is so hot
  • @serialnerd I've seen them in concert 4 times, and Mike Nesmith solo once.
  • @actherine wait forgive me but ive had a change of heart im actually gonna change my bio to I want to suck Mike Nesmith's native Texas Twang
  • RT @groupienights: @artgarfunkeI "ah am the next supreme" -mike nesmith circa 1966
  • @artgarfunkeI "ah am the next supreme" -mike nesmith circa 1966
  • Photo: Mike Nesmith of The Monkees, and Ringo Starr of The Beatles.
  • When asked recently why I often wear a beanie my answer was Mike Nesmith, Steve Zissou, and frequently untamed hair.
  • mike nesmith :((((
  • my dad just walked by & asked me who i was listening to & i said "mike nesmith" and he said "what the hell" ME
  • RT @spenderdownes: Worried Man. No.31 in a series - Mike Nesmith of The Monkees #worriedman
  • Worried Man. No.31 in a series - Mike Nesmith of The Monkees #worriedman
  • @mmmmmrob was it Mike Nesmith?
  • when ur mike nesmith af
  • Mike Nesmith, guitarist for the Monkees, inherited a fortune from his mom, inventor of Liquid Paper.
  • my mom has always thought the monkees was a stupid show ok but mike nesmith
  • @girIband @beautifloyd on behalf of both the pink floyd and mike nesmith fanclubs, ur welcome
  • tw mike nesmith
  • I am going to write an appalling broad sitcom based on my life so I can use Nevada Fighter by Mike Nesmith over the opening credits
  • Mike Nesmith has written some brilliant songs @justinavery68 @ABCthedrum @Vikkik88 @suzlette333
  • RT @artgarfunkeI: i love mike nesmith and i want to marry him like he is the iconic husband of the american dream
  • @girIband can i make my name mike nesmith fanclub is that ok
  • RT @artgarfunkeI: me @ mike nesmith https://t.co/46YSetakR6
  • me @ mike nesmith https://t.co/46YSetakR6