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Trivia about lost

  • A plane crashes,people die (though it doesn't slow some of 'em down much),much DHARMA but little Greg
  • Neil Simon's "____ in Yonkers"
  • "'Tis better to have loved and (blank) than never to have loved at all"
  • The fifth season of this show is finding itself: Jin isn't dead after all; like others he's sort of displaced in time
  • Matthew Fox & 47 others survive a plane crash but are stranded on a mysterious Pacific island
  • Desmond David Hume,Jin-Soo Kwon,Claire Littleton
  • The Oceanic 6
  • We're not exactly sure what the monster is on the island of this ABC drama, but Kate, Jack & Sawyer want to know
  • Just like Hurley on this ABC drama, your lucky numbers are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 & 42... but what kind of luck?
  • "Evangeline" is a sheer vibrant coral cream by this ABC show's Ms. Lilly; all the smoke monsters wear it today
  • Jorge Garcia keeps the humor alive as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes on this enigmatic show
  • Matthew Fox,Evangeline Lilly,Terry O'Quinn
  • Mr. Eko, Richard Alpert, Charles Widmore
  • "Kate & Hurley discover a hatch that connects the Island to downtown Tokyo" on this drama
  • This enigmatic show is such a find that it won the 2005 Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series
  • The surgeon seen here is as primitive as can be on this ABC show
  • Both parts of the 2004 pilot of this enigmatic ABC show were directed by creator J.J. Abrams
  • 4 8 15 16 23 & 42 are numbers inexplicably tied to characters on this show
  • The Looking Glass, the Orchid & the Pearl were all stations on this show