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  • NEW #Maybelline Great Lash Doll Mania #Mascara #LimitedEdition collection -- #Makeup #Beauty #Cosmetics #Sales #fun
  • RT @obidawson: Bet y'all won't retweet 😬
  • RT @iPhoneTeam: Breaking News: Android Users are in the corner hating.
  • @ItsOnly1QWEET me too they nice
  • iPhone users didn't say nothing when the s5 came out or the note 3, it's just a phone just chill 😏
  • Everytime a new iPhone come out it's always a person with android that got something bad to say 😩😂😕
  • RT @___lonnn: God Is Within Her, she will not fail #psalm46;5
  • It's not all about money but we got to eat
  • Feed your family 👪 starve these h*es 👭
  • Hate when he gone but I know it's always to go get some cake 💰
  • All day
  • I'm so sick of eating and sleeping everyday ugh 😕
  • RT @RicoGwop: God works in mysterious ways 🙏🙌
  • RT @ItsOnly1_Rozayy: I need a personal driver 😩 I hate driving
  • @ItsOnly1QWEET @Smiley_SoShaped ok hopefully I don't fall asleep like I did last time with Bnard 😩😩😂😂