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  • @thedailymeal no
  • @CityofSantaFe @USATODAY @10Best sure hope to beat Trenton
  • @bitterwaitress Yes! You can even squawk!
  • @PattyChocMilk if I voted early can I peep more?
  • RT @Dreadoh: @Venice311 "Una" is missing.
  • RT @Love_bug1016: I would invite you to my Fourth of July party but you don't believe in drunk twerking and I can't have that kind of negat…
  • If your neighbors with a vet recently returned from service please be mindful with your fireworks.
  • RT @latimes: Despite having seven players suffering from flu-like symptoms, Germany rolled over France, 1-0 // bad choice of verb
  • RT @PattyChocMilk: Yup.
  • @johnnyhazzard my old corner. damn i moved too soon...
  • I don’t know if i can do this #throwbackthursday think - we all no I’m such a forward-looking optimist.
  • @bitterwaitress @RagingServer I've got a personal page on facebook, and got some of my archives up at
  • @RagingServer @steven_geldrich r u on Facebook?
  • @bitterwaitress For anyone who remembers RibeyeofyourDreams and RagingServer, I'm closing this twitter, follow @steven_geldrich please
  • I got worried because the squirrel didn't show up in the first segment of B roll #fliporflop
  • RT @mashable: Waffle House is winning the #WorldCup on Twitter, one typo at a time