Arms are the upper limbs of the boy.

Trivia about arms

  • In 1976 Evel Knievel had a farewell to these, breaking both in an attempt to jump a tank full of sharks
  • Manucher Ghorbanifar, an Iranian dealer in these, was involved in the 1980s swap of them for hostages
  • 1894:"...and the Man"
  • Of particular interest to the NRA is the amendment that allows us "to keep & bear" these
  • In addition to your positions, remember your port de bras, the set of movements of these
  • Like the sadistic Claggart in "Billy Budd", the master-at-these is the petty officer who maintains discipline
  • A mercenary fighting the Bulgarians is one of the characters in the 1894 play these "and the Man"
  • 1894:"... and the Man"
  • In Spain a braza was equal to the reach of these outstretched
  • The Latin term for pretzels is brachiola or "little" these