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  • @Stammy for me it’s lap times at Laguna Seca and Nurburgring and 1/4 mile times. 0-60 can be misleading.
  • @samuraikav I'm pretty sure I could answer that with your 1/4 mile times...
  • It's about the joy of driving, not 0-60 or 1/4 mile times. #ThreePedalsAndTheTruth
  • Out at miller, getting ready to watch some peeps lay down some 1/4 mile times on their bikes.
  • Brilliant marketing with the Hellcat. Reveal logo...reveal specs...reveal 1/4 mile times...reveal pricing? Lots of forum buzz. #MoparChat
  • The 1/4 mile times for the #SRT #Challenger #Hellcat put up some impressive numbers!!! @CARandDRIVER @TrostleMark
  • @Another_Wench Much faster 1/4 mile times. @ryanhoover @KevinJSteward @francosoup