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  • Could 24 continue without Kiefer Sutherland? - 24 Spoilers
  • RT @TVDWetpaint: The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Paul Wesley Tweets "Blue Screen" Shot (PHOTO)
  • This time between Monday Night and Wednesday Night, I hate. I have to avoid 24 spoilers. Pretty damn hard when people openly tweet about it.
  • @rajskub 24 spoilers… :P won't be able to watch for another 2 hours… :P
  • no no #24 spoilers ,. I'm just now watching !!! aaah
  • @jefftilson I'm unfollowing you if you keep tweeting 24 spoilers lol. Some of us have to watch it on demand bro!! Haha
  • Fair warning: 24 spoilers ahead
  • @FiveOverEight You laugh now, but just wait till the next season of 24… #Spoilers #RampantChinchillas #Dammit