Mass Readings and Catholic Daily Meditations for September 5, 2009 - The Word Among Us

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  • Father of mercy, come and burn away every obstacle in my heart!
  • Why The Eucharist Matters For Your Life: The Practical Reality of Christ's Power and Presence
  • Lord, today I will dare to hope in you. I know you can do whatever I ask in your name. Jesus, I trust in you.....
  • Lord, help me to recognize those moments of grace and glory that you have in store for me.
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  • Meditation: Matthew 11:11-15
  • A Savior - Personal Spirituality - The Word Among Us
  • Almighty God, I bow before you. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing you are! All I can do is sit in awe ...
  • "What desert R U in? And how can U prepare 4 the Lord?" “Jesus, teach me How2 WelcomeU into my desert areas.” wau org
  • “Jesus, teach me how to welcome you into my desert areas.
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  • I Belong! - Personal Spirituality - The Word Among Us
  • You are all-beautiful, O Mary! Hear our prayer, graciously hear our plea: May the beauty of God’s merciful love ...
  • Faith: What It Is, What It’s Not
  • Meditation: Mark 1:1-8
  • Time to Wake Up! Set some goals for Advent. https://t.co/1VyVPYEmMx
  • The Living Word - The Word Among Us...Tasting the Joy of Christmas.. https://t.co/YGb6WfhtYt
  • #Advent #lightoftheworld
  • Here I am, Lord, seeking your presence. Let me hear your voice. Help me to know that you are with me. Jesus, I love..
  • The Last and Greatest Journey - Personal Spirituality - The Word Among Us...
  • Waiting in Joyful Hope - Personal Spirituality - The Word Among Us
  • Do not be terrified. (Luke 21:9)
  • Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr.
  • “Father, reveal your loving hand to guide me through everything that tempts me to tremble in fear.”
  • Father, reveal your loving hand to guide me through everything that tempts me to tremble in fear.
  • Waiting in Joyful Hope
  • Catholic Daily Meditations for November 24, 2014 - The Word Among Us
  • Lord, help me give my whole life to you today. I offer you my heart, and I trust that you will accept it and make ...
  • Saint Andrew Dung-Lac, Priest, and Companions, Martyrs. The Word Among Us. @wordamongus
  • ...It’s as if she said, I know it’s not much, but it’s all I have. Take it, Lord, because you are worth every penny.
  • Lord, teach us to stand up for the poor and forgotten. Help us follow your example of love and service.