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  • @Kyline Did you see this gem?
  • @shayne571 And finally, to be clear, that wasn’t set off by you LOL. It was this.
  • @Brennilee I hear ya! Check this out: (Scroll down to bottom where it says "next week")😊😊😊😊
  • @ItsAGCThing @racheal25 @srecchia301 @NBuholtz and this website
  • RT @GHSpoiler_Alert: @goldmoney9089 off the top of my head I usually o…
  • @goldmoney9089 off the top of my head I usually on the FB page I cite.
  • @LaurieHaz I hate this interview about Outlander ...
  • RT @CarlyCGH: GH Spoilers omg
  • GH Spoilers omg
  • Sorry No Excuses. He's Been Huffing & Puffin About, "Taking Ava Out"........ #huffing
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  • Um... Yes. There have been aliens on #GH @ShatnerMyPants : Thanks #GoogleImages and #SoapZone: