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  • "Why is it called a "drive through" if you have to stop?" -mistupid.com-
  • @terramarius Kuulostaa kunnon autolta. Nythän ollaan päästy tähän vanhan vitsin maailmaan myös autoissa. @Petri2020
  • Men are complicated. These translations will help you find out what they really mean! ->
  • actually, everybody take this test!! and screenshot your answers and send me them
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  • MT"@lhighfill: Bad Metaphors that are oh,so good @Tinamspurlock
  • Bad Metaphors that are oh,so good a diff kind of #mentortext @sarahlandis @meganroseellis
  • website estimations and traffic net worth $16,160
  • @shmoosr @BSidesLV @_custodiet <facepalm> I'm up against the king of random in a non sequitur contest. Crap. Enjoy
  • finally done ✌ and the three stories. #Sparknotes :)) #homework