Allows you to instant message with anyone on the Yahoo server. Tells you when you get mail, and gives stock quotes.

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  • Yahoo! Messenger - Chat, mensajes instantáneos, videollamadas y más
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  • @seanfinnerty Hi Sean, we don't support 3rd party apps like Pidgin. Can you sign in using the official client?
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  • @YahooCare Why is the messenger webpage down? Any site under is not working for me, on IE or Chrome.
  • https://t.co/97rzPDrMQJ Gente o Yahoo Messenger ainda existe! Vou pra lá e só é permitido a versão desktop
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  • @dem4sdoe https://t.co/tNfDoDTStc that link download
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  • MAI FOLOSESTE CINEVA YAHOO MESSENGER ??? :D Eu am intrat ieri , dupa vreo 3 luni de cand nu mai intrasem ultima...
  • Yahoo still has the best emoticons. I wish google, twitter and facebook would make the attempt. https://t.co/cXFkZIiah4
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  • Yahoo Registration
  • https://t.co/bHL7Ku5FA6 پشتیبانی در یاهو مسنجر tikdata_ir
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