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  • @thejuliedaniel Hi Julie, go to this site   log in and run a test for me. Pls DM me ur address. -Shariel
  • @Marc_Will_iam Hi! Lets get this resolved,pls complete a speed test on the results will upload to our system-Kay
  • @kahmeal When you click the link we shared: https://t.co/g7VXkPEIW0 what do you see instead? Also try -E
  • @thewperry I understand! fast internet can be very exciting. You can keep track of your data usage by visiting -Kay
  • @TravisTraps on the line. Next please connect the modem directly to a computer & reboot both. Run a speed test at (3)
  • @coachbryer  using your Cox login to log the results to your Cox account. Dina (2)
  • @phanfromcheese Randy, run the test at using your Cox ID to allow the result to log to your account. Thanks, Dina 
  • @Octav10 please run a speed test at using your login & DM your full name & address. Dina
  • @AshhhleyFOO test at using your ID which will log the results to your account. Thanks, Dina (2
  • RT @KodaWahya: Signature needed: Did you know that you're paying for John Boehner's lawsuit? https://t.co/9sl1tMkX4S