Digital handouts on grammar and English usage. From subject-verb agreement and use of articles to exercises in parallel structures and argumentative essays. You can submit questions about grammar and writing.
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  • RT @_syaiDatul_: @The_YUNiversity sensei, what is mean by 'auxiliary verbs’?? They’re “helping verbs”: 👓
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  • I love this site and its explanations of different #phrasal #verbs :D...
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  • PSA: adverb modifiers (anything ending in -ly) don't need a hyphen: …
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  • woman = women more than one man = men - Nouns with Irregular plural forms . (More than one )
  • I wish more people followed the guidelines.
  • RT @amriom: #تعلم_الإنجليزية_ببساطة فهرس يغطّي (427) مرجعاً و موضوعاً حول قواعد الكتابة و النحو و مباديء التعبير "الإنشاء".
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  • 'The professor can sit on the desk (when he's being informal)' -- a funny lesson in prepositions of place and time.
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  • @Chloe1878 @James_Bibby you can start sentences with any conjunction, it's context dependent
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