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  • @justajarhead You may be able to get this station with an Over the Air antenna. You will want to visit for more
  • @AprilStegall antenna first. You can also visit for information on this. *KE
  • @HectorConCarne1 needed for this so I'd recommend trying the antenna first. You can also visit for information. *KE
  • Need to reposition the antenna, can't get ABC but we can get everything else! *boggles*
  • @HisStigness Did you go here: and see what you can get?
  • @TheWiserChoice Here's the website I was telling you about.
  • @thekristen999 Have you tried this site?
  • @heyescapist You're in the DC area, right? check this to see what your signal is-
  • .@WKRN I can't pick you up. Can you please move your transmitter from the edge of Nashville more toward the center?
  • @pheasantpants This is a great resource:
  • @PrestonSteve933 channels you can receive with an antenna
  • @Mad_Max64 Get an outside antenna, point it at Madison. Free HDTV. Local channels, but that's most NFL games.
  • @DaveBorcas @DIRECTV @WFNYCraig I don't get any channels at all - I looked up my addy on nada where I live in Concord
  • @throwingutah @horhey (pssst… there's no such thing as a "digital antenna" )
  • @afalz141 np, anything to help people stop giving Comcast & TWC more $. Use this map to see what channels you'd get:
  • @fabiofiss Check out before you buy. It has all the things you need to know I think.
  • Maximize your television reception. #AntennaWeb #CutTheCord
  • @shawn - Check out great tool for knowing which antenna you need to receive local channels.