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Personality analysis

UPDATE by max:This user asked me to remove his profile, so I deleted the logs and the great investigation made by our anonymous visitor.

Max_Evil 13:18 25 Aug 06


If I can do something with this site to help in your searches, please contact me at http://aolpsycho.blogspot.com/2006/08/feedback-on-aolpsychocom.html or at [email protected]

Right now I implement free text search here at aolpsycho. The database is being indexed, ~5 days left until search will be available.

PS. We can make a special tag for big fish identifications (big fish?), and put these people on the main page.

So please feel free to share your ideas. And excuse my eng:)

I think maybe a notable tag would be useful.

To find notable people I search for terms only they would use:

Military: mypay, ako, nko, security clearance

Credit Unions: navyfcu, congressionalfcu, etc. Ones that have an elite membership.

Private Clubs: rotary club, press club, cosmos club.

I need more good credit unions and private clubs.

I would really like the ability to do a filtered search: find all those users who searched for mypay and also searched for iraq in another query.

Max_Evil 20:42 25 Aug 06

Ok, tonight I will run queries to tag military, credit unions and private club users. Then I'll implement filtered search by tags.

Free text search is not available yet, so I have to run queries through DB manually, and every search takes ~5 minutes:(

So can you give me more search terms?

Well for myself I don't find tagging everyone who searched for some of these terms useful right now, because there are too many false positives and uninteresting users, and I cannot search on them easily.

I find the tags useful for categorizing after the user has been found to be interesting and has been analyzed.

Maybe there should be a way to distinguish the two kinds of tags?

If regexp-tags of this sort could be specified during a fast search, then they would be useful. For example, find all users with the military regexp-tag who searched for IED.

AOL user #2778336 searched for:

Keyword   Found site
susan bonilla
susan bonilla and supervisor
political coachingwww.waynecaskey.com
political coaching and california x 31. www.coachfederation.org
2. www.ebstc.org
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winning results inc. x 51. query.nictusa.com
2. www.bizjournals.com
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3. www.ci.berkeley.ca.us
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5. www.acgov.org
6. www.partypop.com
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