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yo weed growin pregnant



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Another cry for eugenics. This woman from Mississippi is pregnant, her man is in jail, she's growing pot, trying to get high off candy and learn to cook cocaine...

* how u grow home grown marijuana and it get u high:http://www.aolpsycho.com/user/12061943#14
* how u add more thc to yo weed plant:http://www.aolpsycho.com/user/12061943#91
* how to cook cocaine from baking soda:http://www.aolpsycho.com/user/12061943#121

--and it's HERE she gets concerned:
* at 8 month pregnat can u take a alka-seltzer :http://www.aolpsycho.com/user/12061943#79


this person is a genius:

*how much do a 1 2 oz of marijuana weigh - 21 May, 01:46

Max_evil 02:37 15 Aug 06

Ha ha


Check out 233. how much do a 1 2 oz weigh

This is disturbing i think child services might need to step in sounds like she wants to be a gangster or marry some one rich? Is she giving the baby hemp candy?

Bah. This is mainly a rather uneducated male searching for drug tips, with the girlfriend briefly using the comp to see if she can take an alka-seltzer while pregnant. Still funny, though not anywhere near as evil as made out to be.

* 30 day old hemp plant 23 Mar, 22:47
* at 8 month pregnant can i take a alka-seltzer 23 Mar, 22:49
* hemp plants 23 Mar, 22:49

Times make it seem that this is the same person, not two people. And the grammar is equally bad.

Fuck AOL should be shot for this

Everyone can shut the fuck up because it's straight that u smoke weed when your 8months pregnant and even when you have 1-2 weeks left you can still smoke weed because i have two beautiful nephews so enjoy feeling good and getting blowed.

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