Weights are exercise equipment use for strength training. The term is typically used as a shortened form of the term free weights, but it can also refer to any exercise machine that uses weighted plates to generate the major opposing force.

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  • Should i buy some gloves for lifting weights at gym? getting them splint things they dont half hurt
  • RT @GirlMottos: how can people lift weights? my arms get tired just by putting my hair in a ponytail.
  • RT @OskarFaarkrog: You don't need weights to get big:
  • I shall do weights on Wednesday cause I'm a mid post on a pyramid and I'm gonna die
  • "@NoBroscience: Make sure there are more weights on your shoulders than on your mind."
  • i think yunho's body is born for suit or sth >< even back to mirotic era or now when he alr gained many weights but damn that's HOT ><
  • @imfearless_13 aha no I don't think that's it lol. It doesn't help when I do my weights as well each day so that's probs why they're sore :/
  • @NESunderland no pain no gain course i will haha, it was a upper body day used weights and that hands killing getting splints
  • @Foxicakes I'm all for weights & strength training, and that's what I've been telling friends as well re lifting heavy. I'll share! cheers!
  • getting my weights for gymnastics today #dedicated
  • RT @CommonBlackGirI: how can people lift weights? my arms get tired just by putting my hair in a ponytail
  • @TotalBoxer Really interested in signing up with you guys. Is there access to free weights? and would I be able to come in and use them?
  • LLift Weights Bowflex!!
  • Dnt worry it's coming back off ! Running , abs , n weights 👍
  • Had to let this fag with a "who's your daddy" shirt take the bench I was doing straight bar curls on.. im currently slamming weights
  • I'm gonna go lift some weights and probably give up 10 minutes into it. Yeah, that sounds nice.
  • RT @NHyuna92: @_xbangyongguk [] and that is how you gain weights xD
  • I could never date a guy that doesn't hit the weights at least 5x a week. #TotalMeatHead 😋