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  • @DeepakChopra Love: "unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another"(Merriam-Webster Dict.) #love #strength #adriennesvoice
  • Merriam Webster Dict apk 莫名奇妙抽了,这英语课怎么过..。
  • @piersmorgan For Ann C: Webster Dict defintion of retard:"often offensive:a retarded person" OK Idiot/Imbosol!
  • @DewiDifa @alex_junaidi Oh, menyitir sih, pakai wiki Indonesia yg dibuat oleh konco sendiri. :) Mbok, setidaknya pakai Webster dict.
  • @activist360 @foxnews Election in America was so boring until Barack H Obama comes along. Now everyday a new word is added to Webster Dict!!
  • #MonroeMonday according to the webster dict.: A day where bum and fake bitches alike are silence and #TLM worships Godroe
  • #dict pkg #millenium reader #amer webster dict Millenium Reader& New Amer Webster Dict Pkg
  • Ate bought a Webster Dict for bagets Jharen. Ang tanong ng bata: "Gaano ka-baga?" - Nakakaloka! There goes another one @ibyangdagreat! Lol
  • keepin this 1952 Webster dict. that is over 2k pages and over 4k paintballs from a foreclosed house I worked on today
  • chest. old table,1927 webster dict.glassware (lewisville) (Dallas): - pretty (lebus furn) 2-door,2-shelf,2-drawe...
  • @iFeDirectioner hahahaha look just checked it but Webster dict doesn't really have everything. hahahaha 
  • @acihatk i will check in a dictionary and you can also cehck it.. Miriam webster dict, mcamillian dict, dictionary come and also u can check
  • @LitSnitch I don't know. The Webster Dict. says its Judgment OR Judgement so either way is correct. Who knows. Potatoe Potato LOL
  • Just looked up definition of fairy tale in Merriam Webster dict. It seems as if they have word classified as untrue c next tweet
  • @wenyunchao Sure - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dict