U is the twenty-first letter in the moern Latin alphabet. Its name in English is spelled u (pronounced /juː/).

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  • RT @reedequalswin: .@movementarian U r so very right!!! I am sure u were pissed when this happened! @RONTHINKblog @UniteBlueWI @140elect ht…
  • RT @bangbily: Trima kasih buat semua&ababil yg sdh dateng ke ptc pulo gadung,,mksih jg buat support dan sayangnya.l love u ababil dimanapun…
  • Vo seca meu cabelo , antes que ele tenha vida própria u.u
  • RT @HelenPaul_: Certain things happen in My Life everyday. But in all, I look up towards d Heavens & say "Dear, Lord, I know dat was U. Tha…
  • @theseddier u welcome ♥
  • @agosdemelli te necesito gorda u.u
  • @LuckyMe_Nye lol u know what ima have to call sprint about that cause that's not fair Btfu
  • RT @niamlate: "do u have twitter?" "twitter?" *laughs* "what?" "no" "what is it" "is it a drink" "does it taste nice" "srsly what is it"
  • @zinzanheap what am I doin? Bitssssss 💯 good to see ya bro, will keep u updated ;)
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  • RT @varialflip_: @joaomatheusx_ sempre fui u_u
  • RT @LAFoodBank: You can win tickets to the U.S.S. Iowa! Visit #Giveaways #LAFoodBank #FeedLA
  • @CarolynahYankee Your password: 9428. U just landed access 2 our exclusive child safety club! Click our shortlink to claim.
  • Missed those happy moments that only u makes me smile allday While no one else can ever compete that
  • @bikerzo chillin u
  • Gavlyn - What I Do [Official Music Video]: vía @youtube Rifa cañón. C: