T-Mobile is a mobile network operator heaquartered in Bonn, Germany. It is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom and belongs to the FreeMove Business alliance.

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  • "@TMobile: Bet they still sell pagers, too! Show us why you’re fed up with those other guys! #CarrierShaming
  • Walked out Tmobile with a forth cell line. Makin Moves & Closin Deals hashtag that ###
  • RT @Bharper3407: Want the chance to win some cool stuff from @TMobile?! Create a wish list and you could win my list!
  • RT @LexiJacques: @Gigi_leee hmu with an iPhone 5s for Xmas :-) tmobile plz
  • @salynch @louflores yeah same here w/tmobile. no contract, everything is paid off. we pay $80/month for 2 unlimited lines
  • @Gigi_leee hmu with an iPhone 5s for Xmas :-) tmobile plz
  • @emsmiley @TMobile I am trying but I need my iPhone unlocked but it's taking an entire month to have it done. Worst experience ever.
  • @salynch nah! the apple premium is higher than that. I mean the 20% tmobile premium on top of the apple premium
  • @cj_gaines23 gahhhhh dayemmm I'm with tmobile
  • Switched over to @TMobile #uncarrier from @Verizon. Loving the unlimited data. Verizon S4 barely works though.Hoping for a Nexus 5 for Xmas
  • And this is domestic roaming not international #tmobile
  • @BurnEmbyr The customer service at @TMobile is second to none. I hope you jumped ship.
  • So @tmobile unlimited plan doesn't include roaming data. 4 days into my trip and I'm data less bcuz I already reached 50mb allowed #fail
  • @TMobile @TMobileHelp @JohnLegere. It's a good thing lol I'm using the LG l9
  • @louflores @salynch shrug, OK good. I'm not an evangelist. For me, though, I've had no tmobile probs in the 10+ years I've had their service
  • @MikDrake @TMobile @VerizonWireless I own T-Mobile myself and I'm very happy with it! Give it a shot.
  • The only number I'm gon' DM you is my actual tmobile number and only if you're buff lol
  • RT @JeanetteJoy: Changing from @tmobile to Verizon... ? (@ Verizon)
  • Tmobile really wanted 800 though 😳
  • Changing from @tmobile to Verizon... ? (@ Verizon)