A sprint is a sharp burst of forwar movement.

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  • @ZoieUrmilla Well I have sprint! I'd have to see if that matters or not.. I'll let you know! I might be able to use my sisters!
  • RT @APope115: @Its_Braee_ @Cocky_Lady07 @love_vorii17 lmao y'all was some clowns cussin her out mookie was like what u want us to do Sprint…
  • If #KyleBusch never wins a #NASCAR #Sprint Cup should #Rowdy be elected to #halloffame ? RT Hell Yes Fav No
  • RT @GigatownWanaka: #gigatownwanaka 4 seater Jet Sprint boat
  • Sick of iPhones sick of sprint
  • Esta semana es el último sprint PODEEEEMOOS 💪
  • Ma mère elle a achetée des Raffaelo, j'ai tapée le sprint de ma vie
  • once again a #spartan at the #spartanrace @ Spartan Race - Malibu Sprint
  • Je vais taper un sprint pour le chercher a manger gogogo
  • @sprintcare you need to tell the people here in ankeny that sell sprint phones. They say not for another year!
  • RT @Royalbike: En el sprint individual de mujeres, se rompió dos veces el récord mundial. Fue el sábado en la semifinal....
  • Some weird looking people in this sprint store.
  • @Swirvv_ sprint
  • Need a iPhone 5 from sprint
  • Sprint get all my money😭
  • Wtf Sprint?!??
  • Sprint service is disappointing
  • Cool @sprint, glad my iPhone is yet AGAIN a paperweight with absolutely no 3G service.