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  • Cena con mi lindaaaa #pacer #rico #mmm
  • RT @LdnPacers: Remember the Pacer meeting tomorrow 7PM Grosvenor Lodge. Special guest speaker heptathlete Jen @100_prcntCotten Looking fo…
  • The people who get upset with each other over the stupidest of things are usually the ones who care the most!
  • Evan Turner made a few really nice passes that half. Hadn't seen that from him often as a Pacer.
  • this pacer test is not happin tm oh no
  • Disney Combat Ship Battle Station Playset CARS 2 with Grem Petey Pacer, Gremlin toys Disney Pixar
  • @MillerTimePod How did you get the Pacer's guards to take over your account? Cool.
  • Everyone should wear Pacer attire tomorrow!
  • Los ángeles lo llaman pacer divino; los demonios, sufrimiento infernal y los hombres lo llamamos, amor
  • @INPacerNation dear pacer brothers and sis. I dont see any difference with turner # 12 on our team
  • depui qq jour ta changé il es pacer ou mon frèr de coeur ?hum di moi
  • Can't score, defend, or hold on to the ball. Too many players on this Pacer team with big contracts for that to be goin on
  • @ELGINDOTCOM true. No argument from me. Looking forward to a Pacer meme though
  • @CandaceDBuckner only #pacer aying well so far
  • Pacer🏀
  • Lance Stephenson is the best or most important pacer IMO
  • Even though Lance Stephenson has 5 turnovers, he the only Pacer who looks like he's into the game.
  • can this pacer slump be blamed on messing with a good thing?