Mols (or moulds, see spelling differences) include all species of microscopic fungi that grow in the form of multicellular filaments, called hyphae. In contrast, microscopic fungi that grow as single cells are called yeasts. A connected network of these tubular branching hyphae has multiple, genetically identical nuclei and is considered a single organism, referred to as a colony or in more technical terms a mycelium.

Trivia about mold

  • Neurospora crassa is this type of fungus; it grows on bread but in the wild is found on burned vegetation
  • Furry fungi you might find on food
  • As a verb, it can mean "to give shape to"; as a noun, it can mean "that fuzzy green stuff on the bread"
  • A woolly growth produced by a fungus; don't eat the Jell-O if there's some on it
  • Last week's sandwich has to go; it's now ham, cheese & Rhizopus stolonifer, better known as this
  • Seen here are the fruiting bodies of the slime type of this
  • George Beadle won a Nobel Prize for studying the genetics of a bread type of this fuzzy fungus