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  • Slowly, but surely, we're getting there. Might have to start eating Vietnamese food. Went to a restaurant and had lemon grass chicken over
  • Henry is getting finicky about food after only a month. Didn't like the lemon grass chicken and veggies for dinner.
  • Pardon me. Lemon grass.
  • Vegetarian? Our Tofu marinated in soy, lemon grass, five spice and olive oil is a must-try. #dinner #ABODE
  • Herbs Basil, all types Cilantro Lavender Lemon grass Mint, all types Oregano
  • Dinner night! At the lg! (@ Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine) on #Yelp
  • …ラス形態:袋入り賞味期限:300日保存方法:直射日光・高温多湿を避け、冷暗所にて密閉保存下さい。開封後はどうぞお早めにご使用下さい。レモングラス (lemon grass レモンガヤ) 原産地:東南アジア 生産地:東南アジア アフリカ 南米 オーストラリア 産地:タイ産 部位:
  • Lemon Grass, Oat & Cow Milk Soap-Acne, Dryness, Inflammation, Rash, Healing Wedding Favors!
  • Follow us on Etsy! Hemp and Lemon Grass Crinkle Cut Soap Bar by PinkBubblesBeauty https://t.co/r6cuLhrd7k via @Etsy
  • It snowed. Pretty! Now for some lemon grass tea, more cold medicine & accompanying lucid nightmares.involving snow...
  • @loveablelinds Tazo green tea with spearmint & lemon grass. Add some honey.
  • RT @risingsunpub: The Rising Sun now serving @lancasterale Lemon Grass. See full list on @PerfectPintUK
  • The Rising Sun now serving @lancasterale Lemon Grass. See full list on @PerfectPintUK
  • Curry dinner time! (@ Lemon Grass)
  • RT @rio_damar: U can be barbaric and a princess in one night. Contoh: mkn mlm iga penyet 2 porsi, tp pas msh laper, lbh milih lemon grass c…
  • lemon grass for lunch 👌
  • lemon grass tea makes me happy :-) <3