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  • I just want to thank my Kids Aol for deactivating, causing me to make a new account #rage
  • I don't wanna be one of "those kids" AOL I'm not dressing up today,
  • The Crazy Things We Say To Our Kids - AOL On via @aolon
  • “@Manstagram_: 90's kids AOL dial-up!
  • Oprah Winfrey Says She Never Wanted Kids - AOL On via @aolon I too was too busy too marry & have children, not now ;)
  • Technology To Help You Keep Track Of Your Kids - AOL On via @aolon
  • RT @AVABandOfficial: Check out this documentary 6th graders in East Harlem created for AOL Kids Anti-Bullying week that features AVA music!…
  • @mariawishard you had kids aol & I was so jealous
  • 😑😑😑😑 my email has been blocked. Thanks Kids AOL
  • RT @lpatucson: Keep your #math skills sharp with this timed #arithmetic challenge.
  • Keep your #math skills sharp with this timed #arithmetic challenge.
  • Yea I was signed up for kids aol, like 14 years ago... And they have my birthday online it shouldn't effect me 😒
  • One Million Moms Is Back And This Time In A Tizzy About A Cartoon Superhero That Will 'Confuse Kids' (AOL Television)
  • image found using Lemonade Mouth !! :-)
  • I remember when I was like 9 I wanted an email and my mom wouldn't let me so she made me a kol which was kids aol 😂😂😂😂
  • Had to explain the concept of dial-up Internet to my kids. #aol
  • We got on the Internet like cool kids. AOL.
  • Add AOL's Ran Harnevo to list of people touting the screen agnostic nature of kids. #AOL #newfronts