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  • UNMATA Rodeo of 2009. UNMATA as the human ponies, The Indigo as the saloon girls, and Suhaila as theā€¦
  • Photoset: shadbase: Applejackoff now on Tumblr More human ponies on Shadbase Applejackoff is one of my...
  • When genetics comes to the point of body modification and people do it regularly, i can only wonder how many ex-human ponies there will be.
  • what the hell they turned into human ponies
  • This is a great picture. ~bluestar
  • The human ponies in that Equestria Girls thing don't even look like humans. Is that the best they could of done?
  • Okay and what about the control freak lady with her human ponies?
  • @Inkblitzer How do you mean "human ponies," exactly?
  • I never liked strictly human ponies very much. They're cute, sure, but in my opinion they take away from the innocence of the series.
  • @irondruid1 @brony_rt I don't like human ponies either, but I was willing to have an open mind and not judge until I see it.
  • @Futariboshi_ have you seen it? ugh it's so stupid. i dont want human ponies :/
  • About to head out and see some human ponies! Network, get ideas, see who's interested in a pony meet.
  • So these are the new My Little Pony characters! What happened to them? They look like hipster human-ponies!! #Sadness
  • @grub00 Although the human ponies are pretty creepy.
  • im gonna see eqg for sure :D im just gonna say to my mom "mom im gonna go see a movie about human ponies that doesnt make sense but bye"
  • RT @shawnries: "Little people" is such a weird term, especially when we could be saying "human ponies".
  • @Slate maybe Hasbro tried to get a solid canon depiction on what human ponies would look like before #bronies did. #mlp
  • ((So, any of the Human Ponies willing to RP?))
  • RT @tehrebound: >Human Ponies
  • >Human Ponies