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  • Photo: Joke of the day ata to. #Scam #Globetel
  • @_jaaam_ You may email your proposal to :) Just provide the complete details of the event a...
  • @Jepricito Hi! You may send the needed documents here on this email:
  • @HeroOfGlobe hi I have emailed and attached a POFC. I talked to another agent and told me I could do that and then...
  • @KittyOfGlobe I emailed talk[at]globetel already. Will wait for their response. But that chat service was a bad experience.The agent didn't-
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  • im gonna miss them! #trainer&co-trainees #globetel
  • @AntonRubiano You may add so it won't be tagged as spam. :) Also Adobe Reader
  • @kimcapala and your email address should be valid. Don't forget to check your junk folder as well. You may add
  • @zjdvelasquez Sir I can see that you informed Ken that you sent an email to, but your own e...
  • @KenOfGlobe how long is it gonna take for u guys to sort this out? My patience is now really thin with this matter
  • @KittyOfGlobe I've already sent my billing concern thru Thanks.
  • @DistrictPhil Alright. We would need to ask you to please send to an authorization letter w...
  • 14 days left on GlobeTel. subscribers' free facebook
  • @waruneejoyaiko You may send it to as well :)
  • Thank you so much #GlobeTel @talk2GLOBE much appreciated 😊 #makingthingsgreatpossible
  • @Codenameless You may send the documents to :) Just take note of the case ID number you'll ...
  • @NelskiOfGlobe hi nag send ako ng email sa pero walang response eh.. Last payment is 1799.00
  • @iamKRcruz You may add so it won't be tagged as spam. :)
  • @soyAzriela 4) with the checking of your charges right away. You may send them to, after which, you would