The foot is an anatomical structure found in many vertebrates. It is the terminal portion of a limb which bears weight and allows locomotion.

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  • And after that time off, I'll hopefully never have to step foot in Moore 215 for TAI ever again.
  • Casa demain sa joue au foot ?
  • Poser devaant Guinée Equatorial - Espagne Waaa le Foot a Changé hein !
  • that interview though...
  • I'm not saying he shoots himself in the foot, but Vince McMahon probably st make creepy faces at them from a distance,
  • Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination foot wasting it on unimportant people or things,
  • RT @Imaginedragons: id rather die a thousand deaths than have your foot touch my face
  • RT @RealJaun: Does your foot ever just feel like
  • RT @Guisaa: so quand tu critiques des joueurs apres ce genre de match.c'est que t'es ignorant en foot et que tu dois la fermer
  • RT @RyanOubraham: Si Messi a le ballon d'or j'arrête le foot
  • that awkward moment when your foot falls asleep so you just stomp around like a dinosaur.
  • RT @0beyTrey: Does your foot ever just feel like
  • @EM43R ohhh haha but I never broke my foot lol it just hurt haha
  • Saturday chaos as we prep for Luke's baptism. Danielle's on cupcake duty & I'm on alcohol purchasing duty. I win. [foot on barrel, knee up]
  • #HAC - Dingomé : "Je veux être un artisan de l'accession en Ligue 1" A lire dans #HavreLibre #HavrePresse #havre #Foot #L2
  • Dam my foot smell like flavor flav Tbt pictures
  • @ashh_who No more like the worst sister to ever step foot into my life -.-
  • Rather stand on a slug bare foot than go to work today.