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  • "@_RevealDior: @OHsheOShea What's the website?"
  • "@_lilsweetjones: wish somebody would tell me the official website for fasfa. >_<"
  • @JKaeOhh yhu might have to contact fasfa. the website is it might b too late to file it for this school year
  • "@ticklemezayzay:
  • @KKDuhTr1ll3ST haha an no that's not the site !! is !
  • @KKDuhTr1ll3ST oops my bad is the website .
  • @Pax_partythrash the lady I spoke to said they'll go over all that, and for financial aid go to and sign up there
  • @iamlittlefoot naw. go look on
  • @Muahh_KissMe lol I was so confused but yea its it would be best to call up there to explain cause its a lot
  • @T_SoSa23
  • @BlowinKushxO
  • @MilanVae and the fasfa website is and the sanjac website is
  • @Queen_BeeWifeyy
  • @_itslayla yup same thing, you can do it all online! for financial aid, make sure you have all your tax info at hand!