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  • @MASieghart It's the embalming process
  • Kinda strange to have YouTube recommend "The Embalming Process" for me but I'm game
  • Learned about the modern day embalming process and watched 30 minutes worth of moose videos on youtube. #TheMoreYouKnow
  • no no no. My English prof is NOT making me read a paper describing the embalming process. NO. #eww
  • Eww I'm definitely not enjoying reading about the embalming process😖👎
  • If it was possible to die from cringing I'd be midway through the embalming process right now.
  • there's a girl sitting next to me researching the embalming process
  • today idk why but Davia thought it wud be fun to read the embalming process to me
  • @BrandyShalna And that means a more enjoyable embalming process for the undertaker. I guess it all works out in the end.
  • The Egyptians were masters at using #essentialoils in the embalming process. Many hieroglyphics on Egyptian...
  • #FoodFacts: Delicious and useful - besides using it as a flavoring, cinnamon was used in the Ancient Egyptians embalming process.
  • Thanks to this book series I'm reading, I know more about the embalming process than I probably should.
  • @SadisticBitch_ I think I've only ever seen one move get remotely close to the correct embalming process. I keep saying I should consult.
  • @hbo When I first got infatuated w/the embalming process I realized its not just tv, 6 Feet Under redefined it. #ithappenedonhbo
  • Happy birthday matey - I had a good do last night. Embalming process enjoyed until Lazarus steps in. Don't forget to dance.