eBay Inc. is an American Internet company that manages eBay.com, an online auction an shopping Web site in which people and businesses buy and sell goods and services worldwide. In addition to its original U.S. Web site, eBay has established localized Web sites in thirty other countries. eBay Inc also owns PayPal, Skype,StubHub, and other businesses.

Trivia about ebay

  • A hot stock in 1999, this internet site began as a place to buy & sell Pez dispensers
  • In October 1999 Fortune Magazine reported that this auction website's stock value had soared to $18 billion
  • Hen Ben Haim is accused of running more than 500 fraudulent auctions on this website
  • This site calls itself "The world's online marketpiace"
  • Buy a desired collectible & you might make more money by auctioning it on this web site started in 1995
  • This auction site won a 2003 Webby Award for best Services Website on the Internet
  • In 2007 this online auction site won a lifetime achievement Webby Award
  • This site that started as AuctionWeb has more than 5,000 "ugly Christmas sweaters" on the auction block
  • In 2006, brothers Jim & Dean Thomas helped catch a thief selling stolen Civil War letters on this auction website
  • It traces its roots to 1995 & Pierre Omidyar, a computer programer who wrote the code for an auction website
  • After his wife left him, Ian Usher put his entire life up for sale on this website
  • A new program installed to improve this internet auction site shut it down June 10-11, 1999
  • Meg Whitman heads up this Internet company where you can bid on items & sell them, too
  • This commerce site founded in 1995 now also owns Skype, Paypal, & Shopping.com
  • This site's mission is "to help practically anyone trade practically anything on Earth"
  • In 2005 an angry wife sold hubby's Lotus Esprit Turbo, worth $44,000, for 90 cents on this website; ouch