Drugstore is a common American term for a pharmacy.

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  • Drugstore Divas | Saving on shampoo so you can buy champagne. Also on FB
  • I liked a @YouTube video from @beautybylee Day Smoke: a neutral smoky eye tutorial! (DRUGSTORE!!!)
  • @Destinyduarte1 yes that one works way better , you can find it in drugstore :) hope it gets better
  • So the drugstore I was in today had a perfume display. Here are some of the perfumes I came across. -...
  • @eFallly for drugstore I like Loreal Voluminous or maybelline the Falsies, for high end I like Benefit's They're real mascara!
  • Judi and Jon got married and she was at the drugstore looking at the men's toiletries. A clerk comes up to help ...
  • 111 Best #drugstore: original and generic medications online-
  • RT @loveeelyjess_: I love drugstore makeup
  • @omgitscaro theyre drugstore lip colors. I'll give you details hold up
  • Rashell tightness drugstore complexion-exercise: kDu
  • @jessicajoybkstn duude I know exactly what that's like lol. I literally turned my nose up when someone asked me if I recommend drugstore mu!
  • I love drugstore makeup
  • Just played: No Television (Radio Edit) - The Can't Tells - No Television b/w Drugstore(unknown)
  • RT @Medizin_Info: Die am häufigsten gewünschten Artikel aus dem Bereich Hygiene und Intimpflege bei Amazon: #Hygiene…
  • #Drugstore #Coupons #MoneyMaker #FF Free Right Guard + Oral B at CVS -
  • RT @mmts_bass: 【拡散希望】この度、DRUGSTOREというガールズバンドでサポートでベースを弾くことになりました。ライブが11月4日にあります。参加方法に関してはHPを参考にして下さい。
  • Last set of these Drugstore Ads here, so be quick! > #vintage
  • @B_J_Miller They were purchased at the Rexall drugstore across the street from @rdpl!
  • Save up to 50% on Marvel Heroes children's vitamins at drugstore. Valid thru 10/31,
  • RT @cruezilla: まみたすサポートと聞いてDrugstore聴いてみた