The ragon is a mythical creature of which some interpretation or depiction appears in almost every culture worldwide. The physical description and supposed abilities of the creature vary immensely according to the different cultures in which it appears. However, the unifying feature of almost all interpretations is it being a serpentine or otherwise reptilian monster (or at least possessing a serpentine/reptilian part or trait), and often possessing magical or spiritual qualities.

Trivia about dragon

  • Sigurd, also known as Siegfried, was famous for slaying one of these creatures
  • While all the animals breathe, this is the only one that you'd expect to breathe fire
  • In heraldry a wyvern is one of these mythical beasts depicted with 2 legs, wings & a barbed tail
  • This mythical creature decorates Bhutan's saffron-colored flag
  • In one story, St. Margaret was swallowed by Satan in the form of this beast; she should have called St. George
  • In "Siegfried" Fafner the giant is turned into one of these mythical beasts before Siegfried slays him
  • The British tell the tale of St. George & this; the Apocrypha has the book of Bel & this
  • Nidhogg, one of these mythical fire-breathers, gnaws at the roots of the cosmic tree
  • Smaug, a dreaded creature of this type, breathed not mere smog, but fire
  • In the "Eragon" series, a teen discovers he is destined to be the last rider of these fearsome mythical beasts
  • St. George fought & killed one of these mythical, fire-breathing monsters
  • 1973:"Enter the _____"
  • When one of these tried to swallow St. Margaret, she should have called St. George
  • Moscow's coat of arms features St. George slaying one of these with his lance
  • c. 1415 Donatello sculpted "St. George" & the relief under it, "St. George Slaying" this mythical beast
  • Sigurd, called the most important hero in Norse myth, is famous for killing Fafnir, one of these
  • In 1996 Sean Connery was the voice of Draco, the last of these creatures
  • Gex is a gecko, Croc is a crocodile & Spyro is one of these
  • The symbol of St. Margaret; it's also associated with St. George
  • After 50 years as king, Beowulf dies slaying one of these mythical creatures; St. George had better luck
  • 1940:A Tom Clancy novel in 2000 was called "The Bear and" this beast
  • Tom Clancy continued the adventures of Jack Ryan in the 2000 thriller entitled "The Bear and" this
  • Thomas Harris introduces Hannibal Lecter:"Red" this
  • One of these creatures helped the Hesperides guard a tree that bore golden apples
  • No matter what is depicted, putting a red seal as the finishing touch on a black and white painting is called adding an eye to this mythic beast