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For the Disney Channel in other countries, see Disney Channel aroun the world.

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  • I miss old disney channel, all the new shows are annoying.
  • RT @ChildhoodRuiner: They just don't make Disney Channel original movies like they used to
  • RT @WhoSaysQueen: Hola soy selena gomez y estas viendo disney channel RT si la extrañas en disney channel Selena gomez #femaleartist #Peo…
  • The Circle of Life by old Disney channel stars from Disney Mania 2 is on my ipod (don't question why) and i'm so stoked for senior trip.
  • RT @ohteenposts: I miss this disney channel 😍
  • RT @Her_MVP: I Remember Disney Channel Always Played Christmas Movies In December #goodtimes
  • Just been watching Disney channel shows all day hahaha 👌😂 #justlikeoldtimes
  • RT @DisneyReminders: There are 6 new episodes on Disney Channel this month: Liv & Maddie, Austin & Ally, ANTFarm, Dog With A Blog, WanderOv…
  • RT @indie_assassin: Why can everyone on Disney Channel "sing"
  • chamem me criança, mas tenho sempre a televisão ligada na disney channel
  • RT @1dloverforalife: GEOGRAPHY AND MATHS AND THEN I CAN WATCH DISNEY CHANNEL No im not 10 #mtvstars One Direction
  • RT @CHlLDHOODRUINER: I miss this disney channel 😍
  • Can Bruno Mars not play on Disney channel pls
  • RT @Zendaya: I wanna bring back the cool Disney channel...I'm talking That's So Raven...Lizzie McGuire....Proud Family...Kim Possible feel.…
  • RT @badbtchgoodweed: I miss the old Disney Channel soooooo bad 😭😭😭😭
  • sonny with a chance is on Disney channel tonight?
  • i used to watch disney channel but now i really love watching nickelodean
  • RT @BestOf90s: I miss this disney channel
  • Why did Disney Channel stop showing The Proud Family :(