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  • @DillDoes what do you mean "was"? *cries* I HAD to make that joke. I said I was sorry!
  • @_NinJar ... I was going to bake you a cake.
  • @_NinJar it was interesting, went as well as any vacation with my crazed family could go. Saw the power of the Cuban police which was cool
  • @DillDoes Thanks Dill! How was your vacation?
  • RT @_NinJar: Boss:"I've found your twitter account, You're fired" "More like fired UP"*hits pretend joint* "This is happening because of jo…
  • RT @_NinJar: [wife] "Im leaving you" Why? "Its...the punch dancing" NO! *hits play on iPod* *Love is a Battlefield* *runs into the woods & …
  • RT @_NinJar: I have really big feet. And you know what they say, ladies. The bigger the feet, the bigger the disappointment when you see my…
  • RT @_NinJar: [museum] Wheres the dinosaur bone exhibit? "through that door" Thank you very ruff! "What'd you say?" *2 dogs fall out of tren…
  • RT @_NinJar: 1994 called, it said it wants its joke about years calling and saying it wants something back, back.
  • RT @_NinJar: I know you kids love GTA. But ya know another cool GTA? Gettin Tons of A's! by STEALING knowledge from the books & MURDERING a…
  • @_NinJar birthday! Happy birthday!
  • @LinderGina *is happy for you*
  • @DillDoes hey thanks dildy!
  • @PsychToast platypus, dashing, onomatopoeia and midget