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  • DHS employee spends spare time promoting race war against 'whites'Forever my fave omfg I get emotional just by listening
  • 386,000 Foreign Troops Now on U.S. Soil - Obama Issuing Martial Law in October? - The Free Patriot via @sharethis
  • (株)デル公式Dell 日本サイト★期間限定★決算期特別セール【ALIENWAREシリーズTOP】宇宙最強のゲーミングPC ALIENWARE ノートパソコン、デスクトップパソコンは、最強のプロセッサー、グラフィック、ス…
  • GET READY...
  • #DefundObamacare - so when the IRS takes over healthcare will they need more bullets? Seems like they bought a lot already & DHS
  • “@DHS__: 1.Texans 2.Packers|Begals Unless they switch teams lol”
  • RT @JohnGaltTx: Obama DHS Purchased 2700 Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicles to Keep American Citizens in Line
  • God bless & goodnight
  • "Come pay tuition with me" "you have 20,000 dhs?" "Yea"
  • RT @RedNationRising: #Obama appoints a muslim brotherhood member to DHS Advisor! #EnemyInDC Thank you @AirmanKolfage #RedNationRising http:…
  • ★デル株式会社★Dellオンライン★バッテリー お使いのノートパソコン専用のバッテリ、ACアダプタが検索できます。
  • RT @DobsonBball: Dobson is excited to host the Mesa Junior High Boys Basketball Tournament this Fri. 5-10pm & Sat. 8am-5pm Games @ DHS & Su…
  • DHS 0413 022 my id
  • 1.Texans 2.Packers|Begals Unless they switch teams lol
  • スペシャルゲストが…歌をうたう!?(もしかして:DHS
  • Android security holes worry FBI, DHS
  • (봇) 치위생과에 들어온 남자신입생:"아..괜히들어왔나봐.."
  • "Don’t get too comfortable. Don’t get locked into a language. Don’t burn bridges for short term gain...."
  • Leave it to #DHS for making #SarahPalin sound SANE...for once. #RT #racism