Dehyration (hypohydration) is the removal of water (hydro in ancient Greek) from an object. In Physiologic terms, it entails a relative deficiency of water molecules in relation to other dissolved solutes. Dehydration, thus, is slightly different from hypovolemia, which defines water deficiency only in terms of overall volume rather than in terms of solute concentrations.

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  • Anybody who gives her the time of day, she takes up the full 5 secs. #dehydration
  • That Moment when you are alone & have Intestinal Spasms along with Dehydration, pyrexia, Aching coccyx & the sacral hiatus !!! #PrayForMe
  • @ASAP_Mendi no more like extreme dehydration.
  • It does not make sense to be this lazy! Lemme go get something to drink before I pass out from dehydration.
  • @Joabyjojo I just got to a can of soda and went unconscious from dehydration..
  • With just slight dehydration, digestive function and chemical balance will occur. ★Watch Video★ Learn More--►...
  • I don't know what to do with myself because HIMYM will be ending in another 10 episodes. Please excuse me while I cry myself to dehydration.
  • I think I live in a constant state of dehydration. I should drink more water.
  • RT @mppuitmjohor: Hari yang panas di Segamat. Banyakkan minum air masak/mineral k? It will help to prevent dehydration and exhaustion! …
  • Suffering from dehydration in my room aka the dungeon.
  • @Al_Feezy maybe dehydration?
  • @SarahVazquez it's dehydration drink more water instead of caffeine or drink both but still drink ALOT of water it'll help
  • Dehydration is imminent with this one
  • @Shaken24Laroux fever, dehydration, and cramps. Making sure the little one is okay too.
  • Every year 2 million + plus die from dehydration. Whether your cup is half empty or half full there is still water in your cup. Be grateful.
  • @kaivanpanthaki creatine will not elevate creatinine, if yours is elevated is most likely from dehydration and higher protein consumption.
  • I will eventually return to the blog when I can actually have a week where my weight reflects something other than severe dehydration.
  • @zzzaknoun that's when its time to pay the trainer a visit for dehydration