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Domain: is a social network service create in 1995 by Randy Conrads who founded Classmates Online, Inc. The social media website helps members find, connect and keep in touch with friends and acquaintances from throughout their lives — including kindergarten, primary school, high school, college, work and the United States military. has more than 40 million active members in the United States and Canada. Nielsen Online ranks Classmates as number three in unique monthly visitors (U.S. home, work) among social networking sites.

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  • Looking for old high school friends? Try this site, "The World's Best Place to Reunite"
  • Many have found old pals from homeroom at this .com launched in 1995

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  • Happy BD to the 'Last King' @ForestWhitaker! Look what we found in your '78 & '79 #yearbooks!
  • Web-browsing on my phone and an ad for pops up. How in the world is that service/site still around? Holy smokes.
  • I thought died years ago but they keep sending me emails about vague people. Give it up.
  • No thank you That's a big no thank you.
  • It’s 2014. Why is still emailing me? [Junk folder]
  • RT @Ronnie_Rocket69: @MoMoney4me1 2haveknowledge? Peggy Turk ?
  • Step back in time -
  • has 2,010 #occurrences for name #Alanah.
  • 1964 Washburn High School Yearbook via
  • @MoMoney4me1 2haveknowledge? Peggy Turk ?