Cheat coes (also called debug codes or backdoors) are codes that can be entered into a video game to change the game's behavior, alter characters' looks and abilities, skip levels, or access other hidden features. A prime example of this is the Konami Code (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A B Start), which when entered usually gives the player a large number of lives or powerups.

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  • Nahhhh when I get GTA im headed straight to CheatPlanet like the ol' days
  • @houseneka back in my day our dial-up was 2slow to use AIM, and we had to wait 25 minutes to load cheatplanet to look up megaman cheats
  • @iGeorgeX GTA SA cheat codes, cheatplanet mate
  • @andrew_feeney93 @Adam_Hind_ Yeah haha, going on in ICT and writing down the codes haha
  • I remember Den times I go to cheatplanet to download GTA Vice City cheats jux to show of at the game center.
  • memories :)
  • Back then we only had stuff like on dial up
  • @YoungTankTop I just sat there on looking up cheat codes for Madden.
  • @OllieClarke I remmemeber going to a friends house who had a lightning fast 56k modem to visit this site Cheatplanet
  • Cheatplanet (´̯ ̮`̯ )
  • Cheatplanet 4 life. Printed all my cheat codes back then from it.. (@YouTube
  • RT @p_rawwww: #CheatPlanet was my savior back in the days!
  • #CheatPlanet was my savior back in the days!
  • I remember I used to go on and copy them all down because I wasn't allowed us the printer ;__;
  • Rlshp cheat code on #CheatPlanet
  • @Chadtomassetti @ryanfeiner #CheatPlanet #DotCom
  • Getting the tank with the cheat codes from #GrandTheftAutoMemories
  • @RobertoManfredi omg yeah cheatplanet!! Used it allll the time! Paper was just easier though haha