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  • RT @TheBloggess: Pinterest just made me change passwords because they noticed suspicious activity on my account. My entire account is susp…
  • forcing me to change passwords but also require a million different things in the new one will always result in me not remembering it
  • Hate being required to change passwords.
  • When you finally grow up and change passwords so no one can stalk you or hack your, your mom, or your sons facebook... PRICELESS
  • @Jazmyn_Smith then find it I can't remember😂 it's where you'd go to change passwords
  • I can change passwords too 💁😂
  • @Nicole__Wallace ah, well this explains why you're just now following me. I suggest you change passwords and email accounts.
  • Surely when you change passwords it should log all sessions out????
  • Popular Crowdfunding Site Kickstarter Says It Was Hacked, Urges Users to Change Passwords
  • #Kickstarter #Hacked. Users told to change #passwords
  • @nardooo Just change passwords you may not need to change accounts mate.
  • Sorry. I am having problems with my email account as well. I am guessing I need to change passwords to those accounts.
  • RT @inoncilloana: will change passwords dami ng IRRATIONAL PARANOIDS NA nangengeelam eh :)
  • will change passwords dami ng IRRATIONAL PARANOIDS NA nangengeelam eh :)
  • there is a pervet who hacked on this account,he tried 2 upload things&change passwords bt thankfully he couldnt do it
  • Hmm... Pinterest and Twitter accounts linked. Don't recall ever doing that. Time to change passwords again. #techtroubles
  • Time to change passwords :)
  • I've change passwords of email based accounts different respectively.