Felis catus omestica (invalid junior synonym) Felis silvestris catus

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  • RT @FemurManoSucia: All Cats Are Beautiful @SuperDado2 #ACABrmx
  • Who has cats doesn't sleep t'ill late..... should have remembered that...;) gooooddd morrrrnniinnng world!!
  • RT @jennettemccurdy: Whoever let the cat out of the bag was smart, because cats shouldn't be in bags to begin with...
  • Cats must toss their poop out of the litter box and play hockey with it.
  • RT @RT_JOHNNYS: 【話題の画像】 プライベートでも嵐カラーの嵐wwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • I swear it's my cats mission in life to make me miserable every morning.
  • マジ、スマイルプリキュア感動的!!
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  • RT @jimmyfallon: Thank you, new Japanese wine for cats. Because if there's one thing cats really need, it's another reason to throw up. #th…
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  • @najladarwish cats only need 2 things from you. Women on the other hand....
  • And oh, its pouring cats n dogs even in SG. You know, for our rain idols. Hehehehe
  • RT @And_predict: 本日も22時に関東電離層にEs発生、低高度の赤、発生時間帯から太陽の影響は無いと思われます。大気重力波から関東~東北M6~7の予測も出ています。上出氏の予測から10/24までM7以上の警告もありますが、台風通過後が要警戒と思われます。 http…
  • i was going to go as something scary but cats
  • Cats can become stressed when touched. New study shows what cats really like.
  • What is the reward for a life well lived? For many cats, there is the long span of golden years where loving...