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  • @bitterwaitress still adding to it.
  • @ConnerHabib hmmm. hadn't ever thought of it like that.
  • @ConnerHabib welcome. may you find this little hamlet all you hope it to be,
  • @AustinWilde like donuts, the best part is the hole!
  • @ConnerHabib fruity pebbles?
  • @kjothesmartass I'm amazed it took Brother so long to get them to stop showing the machines breaking all the time...
  • @CtopherDaniels bring an Apple pie and well….you know…go all America on it.
  • Stop bitching because you got a late table. It's part if the job.
  • @bitterwaitress Happy birthday!
  • RT @ShitServersSay: C'mon 4,000 followers. Gotta be a few million servers out there who need a laugh! Jump on board!
  • @louisck @john_fracisco so awesome. Abe.
  • @bitchywaiter on a dog-filled couch in central Los Angeles
  • @MaleWaitress at least the zin was red.
  • @MaleWaitress by booking bands like Fun. they make Coldplay, U2 & Lady Gaga look all that much better
  • @bitchywaiter I'll go with true.
  • As a restaurant person, what's the food you trust the most when you go out?
  • i'm breaking down boxes. at home. so wrong.
  • RT @Tertulia_NYC: Aaand we're back! @Tertulia_NYC will be OPEN 4 DINNER 2NITE 6:30 - lights and all! Support ur downtown restaurants! #eatdowntown
  • RT @TheStandNYC: Our restaurant is open. The club is open Full Bar full menu, fill up on some laughter! #openinnyc #sandy 830/1030 shows