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  • RT @MyLifeIsSelG: The last quote, was wrote by Bailey's mom in her blog. The one she calls Taylor is Bailey's sister.
  • Throwback to when Brandon tried to wear a children's medium hoodie 👌😂
  • @Airmaxx_Cy @risssyyyy @bailey_bra hahahah so so funny 😂😂
  • RT @Geeemawl: when someone doesn't text me back
  • Kickin' it with the beards.
  • Abligurition, a prodigal spending in Belly-Cheere. 1742 N. Bailey Universal Etymol. Eng. Dict. @OED (via @Hush6)
  • Hate to break it to ya @Bailey_Breeden but @jesslittlepage reclaimed her title as #1
  • I'm sorry😔
  • "All your friends are raves persons" -bailey HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh non ravers. They jus don't get it.
  • Watching all that movie was not successful. 😒
  • “@bailey_watters: It's seriously not that big of deal. Gosh” @GatorHater3
  • @Bailey_Bloyd duhh. You already gave it to me silly!
  • RT @EyesPorn: Because of the crystal-clear water, Flathead Lake in Montana seems shallow, but in reality is 370 feet in depth.
  • Of course💜😢 I don't care if the doctor says she's leaving tonight or tomorrow. HANG ON LONGER GRANDMA
  • #flourwar
  • RT @LookmanHaziq: #np Madilyn Bailey's covers
  • #playlist Ab 8 Uhr: Katy Perry - Roar, Philip Bailey & Phil Collins - Easy Lover, Amy Macdonald - Don´t Tell Me That It´s Over
  • “@evildueces: "@AllisonMooreXXX: #kings mascot!! --- He's on twitter also @BaileyLAKings” hi bailey!! Xoxo!!
  • She really fucked more niggas then days in a year 😂😂😂
  • RT @Matt_Cenin: George Bailey & @FaulknerC25 have taken over my pad for Jim's latest interview for #Ashes