Arms are the upper limbs of the boy.

Tweets about arms

  • RT @pyperpoo: If you call me baby, I might as well fall into your arms now
  • RT @fuckquinn: "His palms are spaghetti, knees weak, arms are spaghetti. Theres vomit on his spaghetti already, mom's spaghetti." Eminem #l…
  • If two people are meant to be together, they will eventually find their ways back into each others arms, no matter what.
  • @lahmfan92 crazy game. 120+ min goal... and 5-4. feel a bit sorry for mourinho and his arms
  • @WillBritton92 arms like what, bit worried you've been checking me out a bit much!
  • Cometary signs usa Ð sensibly volition discriminating personalized signs open arms an modest the whole story: PAlkvpn
  • I just die in your arms...
  • seunghoon the type that would hold your arms and scream "oppa" on top of his lungs on a rollercoaster ride #oppathetype
  • RT @justinscozybear: @LebOLLG I would draw my feelings from missing you on my arms
  • @Arms_Arunsri นอนกี่โมงเนี่ย
  • @ashedryden i've stopped. i promise. i've put it out of arms reach.
  • @Arms_Arunsri พี่ชอบดูตั้งแต่ตอนประถม ตอนนี้ก็ยังดูอยู่ 5555
  • RT @icehead13: If she feels safe in your arms, make sure it stays that way.
  • @EllisPrevettGRG someone to push the wheelchair, or are you arms still ok post workout?
  • Eric Hoffer~ Action is at bottom a swinging and flailing of the arms to regain ones balance and keep afloat.
  • *folds arms and taps foot* Ashley 😒 @NOsignature_
  • RT @WolfpackAlan: When I'm in the shower I let the water run down my arms so it looks like I'm shooting water out of my fingertips
  • "Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul."
  • RT @damnitstrue: When boys come up behind you, wrap their arms around your waist & softly whisper 'I love you'.
  • lol RT @MrNiceEnough: @WhyYouMadDoe thick girls cuz when she in my arms I don't wana feel like I'm holdin a broom