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  • Looking at Amtrak schedules - what a painful #UX. Which only slightly dampens my squee!!! over the prospect of a train trip.
  • Amtrak schedules..
  • Hey Ohio Amtrak schedules, YOU SUCK
  • @DanAgins What issues are you having w/ the Amtrak schedules? I didn't think they were too bad out of New London to Philly.
  • @dmoren Looking up the Amtrak schedules now….
  • @nivisaur I will let you know when I get home in an hour and check Amtrak schedules??
  • Looking up @Amtrak schedules instead of doing my hair and makeup..
  • @LeifJohnson and an event that occurs every other century (or do) *checka Amtrak schedules*
  • @Mythagon Sorry I disappeared - the whole Sasquatch thing. I don't think I can make Wednesday anymore - Amtrak schedules ruined my schedule
  • @bellie7 Hey, I searched some Amtrak schedules.
  • Last week it was travel sites, a few minutes ago it was Amtrak schedules/stations, now Nat'l Lampoon's Vacation is on. Must. Go. Somewhere.
  • Looking up the Amtrak schedules so I can figure out the cheapest way possible to get back and forth without a car #MyLifeIsWonderful
  • RT @ToyasWorld1: @MeSoChocolate I got players club, come get it <=== lol lemme check amtrak schedules right quick...
  • I hate how nearly every website is blocked at work. Seriously, I can't even look at Amtrak schedules? #workproblems
  • @JacksonCitPat Good morning! Daughter coming home from Chicago during school break...but Amtrak schedules are a train wreck. Heh, sorry.
  • piecing together amtrak schedules is like trying to do a rubiks cube blind...
  • I'm busy searching the Amtrak schedules to see how much its gonna cost to see my bf when he leaves me for San Diego :(
  • @Ken_Davis Suddenly I'm checking stubhub and Amtrak schedules...