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  • @DietHeartNews what is the best way to keep up fibre intake on Aktins diet?
  • That aktins diet is jinx I was 170 when I stopped and in the matter of 14 seconds I was 480 buggum
  • How do you know when your body is loosing fat and not muscle? Ketosis is when your body burns fat instead of carbs.The Aktins diet starts...
  • "The New Aktins Diet for a New You" book and cookbook give good advice, but treat the foods sold by "Atkins Nutritionals" as junk food.
  • Aktins diet RT @Ms_kaedee: Hw did u do that? "@SholaO_: Iv lost a hella amount of weight. WHOOP!!! ...
  • Thinking about doing the Aktins diet... Has anyone done it before???
  • Yer mate this is how da aktins diet is done guys @AaronBra @angybaby2 @MrsSJAllen @scotty_corbin83 @StephWooWoo whos in
  • @charliegirl234 go on google and type in the aktins diet, and read from there coz its hard to explain with limited letters on here haha x